About Us


The Hydrogen Bike

This project is an outreach kit designed to Engage, Entertain and above all, Educate the public as to some of the trials and tribulations surrounding the renewable energy concept.

This is a really “Hot” topic at the moment with a desire to move away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy solutions.  It is safe, interesting and fully hands on.

An energy input method such as an exercise bike will be connected to a uniquely built water splitting device. The display will allow a participant to put energy ”In” and observe in real time the formation of their hydrogen and oxygen from the electrolysis process. Once a sufficient quantity of hydrogen has been created and stored in the central part of the storage system, the members of the public have the unique opportunity to actually light their own hydrogen flame using my custom built micro burner. This will give them a stable and safe flame about the size of a normal candle. Under the right conditions, hydrogen will actually burn with a clean carbon neutral, stable flame in a very safe way.

Our Story

The Hydrogen Bike was conceived as an idea when Charlie was working at UCL and became a reality at Swansea.  We have since grown it with the help of certain funding bodies who have helped pay for the different upgrades.

Meet the Team

There are many people who are instrumental in the running of this activity.  Primarily it is the Dunnill research group from Swansea  University, all working at the cutting edge of science surrounding the use of hydrogen for innovative energy applications.


Charlie Dunnill

Senior Lecturer

Charlie heads up the Sustainable Hydrogen Innovation and Technology Group at Swansea and has interests in the use of hydrogen as an energy vector.  He also researched photocatalytic water splitting where sunlight is used to directly split water.  Charlie got his PhD from Glasgow University and then went on to do 6 years in London at UCL as a post-doc and Ramsay Fellow, before moving to Swansea.


Robert Phillips

PhD Student

Rob is currently doing a PhD, looking at low cost, high efficiency electrolyser designs.


Adam Edwards

MSc Student

Adam is doing a Masters in fuel technology looking at how fuel cells can be used to move and measure hydrogen.


Dan Jones

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dan works on the FLEXIS project and looks at Photocatalysts for water splitting.


Bertrand Rome

PhD Student

Bertrand works with photocatalytic systems for water splitting.


Bill Gannon

PhD Student

Bill Works on electrocatalytic coatings for the electrodes to make the electrolysers more efficient and longer lasting.


Michael Warwick

Research Fellow

Mike works on photocatalytic materials for solar energy harvesting.