Jamberi – 28-4-2018

Saturday the 28th April we attended the Jamberi Festival in Swansea and were based in the TechHub.

We had a quiet day but managed to test out our new 5 point smiley system to measure impact.  Results are shown below.

Big thanks to my team who turned out to help. We even had a couple of third year students helping out the PhD students with the outreach, which was lovely to see.  Great also to see the new red T-Shirts.  


Conversations – 67

Bike Interactions – 40 

Interpretation of the Impact:

Bar graph: A large skew in the results towards the green end of the smileys indicate a generally positive attitude towards hydrogen  and its’s future use after the event.  As expected the large majority of people without prior opinion, (Yellow tokens)  were persuaded that hydrogen was a positive thing overall.  1 yellow token was placed in the red indicating a decision that hydrogen is not good however this is mitigated by the fact that this small child just liked the colour red the best and didn’t quite get the concept.  With a bigger sample pool of people these errors would be diluted.. 

Pie charts: Good positive impact from the red tokens, even though it was just 3 people.  All raised their opinion of hydrogen technologies and it’s use as the future energy carrier. The yellow tokens which inevitably were the largest group showed quite a very significant move away from the yellow smiley indicating that everyone had an opinion post event which is good impact. this was massively positive towards hydrogen.  The 4 people who knew about and liked hydrogen didn’t change their opinion as a result of the event. 


Note: for those of you reading this after attending the event the actual tokens used on the day were pink, grey and blue.  These correspond to the data for the yellow, red and green.