Welcome to @TheHydrogenBike

Simply donate your energy via the bike and watch in real time as your energy is stored as hydrogen gas.  If you have made enough Hydrogen then you can watch as your hydrogen is burnt in our micro-burner to return your energy.

Energy storage is key to the future use of renewables.

As the world turns towards 100% renewable energy, there are significant issues with balancing supply and demand.  You need energy when you need it and not just when the wind is blowing our the sun is shining.  We, therefore, need to buffer the supply and demand.  Energy storage is tricky and inefficient.

Our solution at Swansea University in the Sustainable Hydrogen Innovation and Technology labs is to use Hydrogen as the Universal Energy carrier.

We use a simple bit of chemistry to split water into Hydrogen and Oxygen such that the Hydrogen can be stored as a fuel of the future. Oxygen is released to the atmosphere to be used when the hydrogen is burnt.  All forms of renewable energy can be stored in this way and the hydrogen can then be used for domestic, commercial and automotive applications.

Next Steps...

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