Heating and Hot water Industry -Low Carbon Forum

On the 4th December Charlie and Kat travelled to Stoke on Trent to see our new friends at the Heating and Hot water Industry -Low Carbon Forum.  The event was a great opportunity to talk to a targeted audience of people involved in gas networks and with an interest in the use of hydrogen primarily for heat.  We set the bike up n the reception and attended the conference with people coming and having a go during the lunch and coffee breaks.  For many it was the first opportunity to actually see hydrogen in real life rather than just in the presentations.


This was really interesting as many of the people attending knew lots about Hydrogen and potentially had a positive opinion. this is to be expected at a conference on decarbonising the gas networks as hydrogen would inevitably play a large part. The people who had no opinion before interestingly mainly didn’t change their opinion though on talking to these people we discovered that they were in more than one case answering the question of how likely a hydrogen future is rather than the how do you feel about a hydrogen powered future. They expressed opinions that the conversion to hydrogen was too big a job and that they had little faith that we would be able to do it..