Pint of Science 15/5/2018

So I was asked to give a talk at the Pint Of Science event in Swansea which was a really interesting and different approach to TheHydrogenBike as an outreach project.  This was the first time that I had delivered a formal (ish) talk as opposed to a crowd coming to visit. 30 minute time slot called

“A Pint of Hydrogen”

The event went really well, the lights went off for the fuel cell to kick in and turn on the LED’s which worked really well and with volunteers all through the talk jumping on and off the bike we had loads of hydrogen to light the flame. Big thanks to Isaac and Harvey who gave up the night before their third year vivas to come and be my glamorous assistants, handing out tokens, helping people on and off the bike and keeping me to time.  Huge thanks also to everyone from the Pint of Science crew who helped me to tidy up as well.


Conversations – 54

Bike Interactions – 8 

Analysis: The Impact tubes were left out for the rest of the evening so this was an event where there was no pressure on the respondents to go in any particular direction (unlike many of the events where you walk the respondent over to the tubes and watch as they make their choice). This was however a tough crowd.  The majority of the crowd were scientists from in and around my research area (ESRI and SPECIFIC) resulting in a disproportionate number of people already having a positive opinion on hydrogen and therefore  receiving  Green (Blue)  tokens. Many of these know lots but work in competing fields and theretofore while positive (in the green smileys) are not overly sold on the idea.  Overall there was a Green Skew meaning that everyone is positive which is great. 11 people who didn’t have an opinion previously now feel good about hydrogen.  I’m especially happy with the two red tokens becoming green smileys indicating the 2 people who disliked hydrogen changed their opinion.  With 54 in the audience and 40 tickets sold for the event, I can only  guess there were some people who loved the display so much that they took their tokens home with them!!!