Swansea Science Festival 2018

The Hydrogen Bike was at Swansea Science Fair on the 3rd and 4th October, at the National Waterfront Museum, a huge showcase of science from across Swansea University. Undergraduates and master’s students as well as staff member all contributed to the successful running of the Hydrogen Bike over the weekend.

Lots of kids hopped on the bike, donated their energy and were chuffed to see bubbles being produced and their efforts turned into a hydrogen flame.  We had conversations with people of all ages, including my favourite where one visitor said ‘I thought you would just have a digital display saying ‘This is how much hydrogen you would have produced’.  You’ve got actual hydrogen!’ Loads of good conversations about hydrogen and lots of positive impact on the concept of a hydrogen powered future.


HUGE thanks to Kat, Dan,  Jainaba, Joshua and Gwynfor.  they did s fantastic job and put in loads of energy and enthusiasm.