We are always looking at ways of improving the kit and of course for sponsors.  If you have any ideas then please do get in touch via the contact form.

So what is next?

We have new stickers for participants and a mended bike (after the Big Bang Fair), but there are still a lot of things that we would like to do with the kit in the near future.  we have applied for funding for some of these projects so watch this space.

New Water Columns.

The new water columns are now installed with some special LED adaptations.  This will see the hydrogen separated from the oxygen and an overall look of three columns rather than 2 columns with concentric hydrogen and oxygen.  The effect of the LED's is amazing, however, we are in need of a flasher.

Fuel Cell

We have ordered a fuel cell kit in the hope that I can construct a fuel cell that runs on the hydrogen produced in order to power the LED's.  this will make us fully energy independent without the need for batteries anywhere.

Token counters

New Feedback System

Our Token based 5 point emoji feedback concept is up and running.  get your token for being on the bike and chose which of the columns to put it in. Feel free to use our online form too.

A Thermal Camera

A Hydrogen flame is, of course, invisible.  A Thermal camera will be a really neat addition to help to visualise the flame and drive discussion about the flame temperature >1000 ºC.

Thermal camera

Frictionless Bikes

The frictionless bike is So much better than the previous friction generator. We now produce more hydrogen and have more time with the flame on.

Promotional Materials

Our new banners have arrived. We now have 2 beautiful banners for TheHydrogenBike.  This will make us look really good at science shows. We also have business cards printed to give out to people alongside the stickers for bike participants.