Urdd 2019

TheHydrogenBike was presented for 3 days at the Urdd Eisteddfod in Cardiff Bay in May 2019, starting on the second Bank Holiday Monday. The Urdd is a Welsh language youth festival with competitions, culture and performances, and has grown to become Europe's largest youth festival, which is some achievement for a small nation like Wales.

On Monday, Game of Thrones actor Iwan Rhion sat on the bike, and was happy to report that generating hydrogen was definitely a new experience for him. Then on Tuesday, S4C presenter Mali Ann Rees pedalled the bike whilst interviewing Bill Gannon in Welsh, for broadcast later that day. A video of the broadcast is included below, together with a transcript of the conversation.

Mali: "A lot of people cycle to the Eisteddfod here of course, but I’m on a slightly different bike at the moment. I've got Bill here who's going to talk a bit about what I'm doing, so what is this bike, Bill?"

Bill: "Well, the bike just generates electricity, and we can use the elec and store it. At the moment in Wales if we use wind turbines we must use the electricity immediately because it's difficult to store it. Outside today, there's a lot of sunshine and wind, so we could generate hydrogen during the day and use it later."

Mali: "Right, so what are those then, do they capture the electricity?" [points at tubes]

Bill: "They capture the electricity, they use water, we pass the electricity through the water, and produce hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen goes into the atmosphere, and we can breathe that, and then the hydrogen can be stored until the next day, or next week. We can generate electricity from it, or just burn it, because it's flammable."

Mali: "Right, so how much biking must I do to get a cup of tea?"

Bill: "Well, that will take ages, at least quarter of an hour of effort just to boil a cup of tea."

Mali: "Right, well I've got a lot of biking to do, and I will have a earned a cup of tea after that. Thank you very much, Bill."