Wales on Wheels 19/5/2018

Dr. Mike Warwick and Jon Amirmadhi took the bike to this event.

On Saturday (19-5) Jon and I attended the sixth “Wales on Wheels” event held at the Waterfront Museum in Swansea. The event showcases diverse types of historic, vintage and classic vehicles from around the country and displays them in the square. We went along with both the hydrogen bike and car and were set up outside with all the other vehicles.  Due to the nature of the event showcasing cars I was expecting people to be sceptical of the idea of hydrogen being the fuel of the future. However, the response was positive overall with many people commentating that this is what cars should be aiming at becoming and all very interested to look under the car bonnet and see the hydrogen fuel cell. It was an amazing day (helped by the beautiful sunshine) and lead to some interesting conversations with real car enthusiasts.

HUGE Thanks to MIKE and JON for taking the bike to this event.

Conversations = 60

Bike interactions = 20


Lot of people came to see the hydrogen car so many green tokens given out with people who like the idea of hydrogen in cars. The expected green skew is present as always with 16 people who before had no opinion about hydrogen now having a positive concept.  Of the three red tokens given, one remained unconvinced however the other two ha a more positive opinion of hydrogen after the event.