Your Green Future 2018 Newtown

Awesome couple of days in Newtown in Powys Wales. The Your Green Future event is an annual event looking at encouraging school goers to partake in a a STEM career and look at sustainable options for future business. We saw load of youths and spoke to many people about hydrogen and it’s possibility as an energy future.  Unfortunately we couldn’t bring the car along as it was a little out of the range to get there and back on one fill. 

We even has a visit from some of the rugby stars (Dan Lydiate and Gareth Davies) from Oil for Wales.




OK so this was  a really good young crowd.  The overwhelming majority of students took yellow tokens indicating that there was little prior knowledge or judgement for hydrogen as an energy carrier.  Many students knew that hydrogen was a gas and that it was part of the make up of water but not many had come to a conclusion on safety.  The positive swing is clearly evident and many of the students were hugely positive e about the possibility of a hydrogen future by the end of the display.